P1.8 X-Poster LED顯示屏

  • P1.8 X-Poster LED顯示屏
  • P1.8 X-Poster LED顯示屏
  • P1.8 X-Poster LED顯示屏

Make the right impression and create new stopping power with Xposter
Hot Swappable Front Access Module and Cableless Connection

Replace faulty module from the front without the need to disconnect any cable by using only a handle magnet and while the unit is running!

Fold-out Stand

Rest assured of its sturdy support plus the discreet tuck away neatly incorporated into the groove when not used.

Immersive Visual Experience

Our 2.5 mm pixel pitch display is truly seamless and the absence of distracting bezels empowers you to fully exploit your impactful signage content.

Content Monitoring & Management

Engineered around a high-performance Internet Cyclone IV FGPA and Advance DDR Flash Chip, Xposter’s Smart Module is able to deliver excellent image quality with high refresh rate, intelligent video monitoring and worry-free management capabilities.